A93 Truck Parking application

A93 smart truck parking system—the most modern rest area in Germany

Overly crowded parking lots on highways require new approaches!

The smart truck parking system is an innovative way to better exploit space that is available for parking. The Southern Bavaria Highway Administration decided to implement a pilot project on the A93 in Kiefersfelden. AutomationX and our partner Neurosoft provided the parking management system.

Using modern telematics, up to three trucks can park directly behind each other at the gas station and rest area. Based on the planned departure time, the load being transported and an automated measurement of the vehicle, the intelligent parking management system calculates the best parking space for the vehicle. Variable traffic signs guide the vehicle to the correct parking space. The system automatically recognizes and reacts to any variation in the arrangement of trucks.
In Kiefersfelden, using this new technology has led to a 50% increase in availability of parking.

INE 2018

On February 22nd 2018 we presented 4ProcessMation at the Network Event in Leuven, Belgium.

Intertraffic 2018

March 20 till 23 2018, not only automationX

but also Delta and WEYTEC were present at the InterTraffic 2018 exhibition in RAI Amsterdam. It was a challenging experience to have all 3 hardware vendors in different halls during this exhibition week.

ISE 2018

February 6 till 9 we participated again in the Delta booth at ISE2018. This time also WEYTEC was present on the Delta booth.